Sun Bikes partners with Mondraker to expand its fleet

Mondraker, The alicantina brand, has been chosen this time SunBikes to expand its fleet for the rental and the MTB tours.

The models chosen this time were as follows:

The omnipresent Mondraker E-Crafty: This model was the first that made us understand that electric bikes could enter the most radical mountain bike segment. Geometry, tours and enduro components make this bike a blast to shoot more technical circuits. Fox suspensions, group Sram Sram Guide NX and brakes make this machine a genuine SUVs. Book at from 59 euros per day.

Mondraker Dune: You know the ZERO system? For what you may know is not a dual track rod using Mondraker for their bikes with rear suspension … and I can assure you that gives unique sensations! Suspensions of 170mm and front and rear enduro geometries make this bicycle perfect for Bikeparks and technical areas. Rent here from 53 euros per day.

Mondraker Chrono Carbon: A beast devours roads, carbon frame, internal wiring, RockShox Judy RL with 100mm travel, transmission and wheels Eagle GX 29 kilometers without to find out. Rent here from 24 euros per day.

Mondraker Leader: Bike mountain light and easy to handle for rent at a great price. Rigid frame with 100mm travel fork to absorb imperfections ground. Rent here for 17 euros per day.

Montando las bicis mondraker
Seguimos con el montaje de las bicicletas Mondraker
A reciclar las cajas… ya con todo montado!!


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