Bikepark Benalmadena, dream or reality?

After the test European Enduro Series Benalmádena played in various media echoed the imminent creation of a new bikepark breaking in Benalmádena … yes, I said breaker, breaker because in Benalmádena we have more than 300 days a year of sunshine, a suitable mountain for creating circuits, one of the most important airports in Europe less than 15 km, infrastructures hotels and restaurants to accommodate thousands of people, etc.

So what happened to the project? Was it just a hoax to put on a medallita political shift?

Because after research and ask the right people seems not, it’s not a hoax. Bikepark designers, Daniel Tulla Y Sabine Oswald, Creators of Bike Park TirolLocated in Austria and considered one of the most important in Europe, they visited the area repeatedly to finalize details and it seems that there are even an agreement with the operator of the same.

The only obstacle to the machines have not started work apparently is solely bureaucratic. We will be attentive and when we see bulldozers and trucks of red earth down the hill we will let you know!


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