Moustache Lundi 26

We are convinced that it is possible to leave the car parked on Monday morning to travel with an electric bike and discover new places in our city.

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We are convinced that it is possible to change our habits and leave the car parked on Monday morning and all the other days of the week to go to work or simply to move the market, do shopping or discovering new places in our city.

“An unknown pleasure”

The electric bike Lundi 26, with a unique electric aid, highly practical because of its geometry and comfortable thanks to its 26” wheels. It comes with the specific Moustache handlebar, very ergonomic, providing a high riding position with maximum visibility.

Another Moustache innovation: the frame ! It has vertical flexibility in order to reduce vibrations and lateral stiffness because of its down tube with triple cavities. So, stability and safety, are on the top of the list in order to achieve an unrivalled pleasant riding feeling!


MOTORBosch Active Plus new system, very natural, compact, lightweight, silent and without friction. Its low consumption provides a generous autonomy from 300Wh battery.
DISPLAYBOSCH Intuvia Central with side controller – 5 modes (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo, Off) – « Walk assist » – Information available without connection – USB port for MP3, phone charging, etc.
BATTERYBOSCH Li ION PowerPack 300 Active – 36v 8,2Ah – 300Wh
Full charge in 2h 30min.
2,4 kg
60% minimum residual capacity after 30,000 km.
60-145 km at 20 km / h on flat (driver 70 kg)
30 to 100 km in mixed use, according to the chosen mode, wind, slope, etc.
SIZEOne (T46, from 1.57 m to 1.90 m approx.).

Getting an “open” box as strong as one triangulated seems basically impossible … but it has been achieved!

Developed a unique technology for the table 26. The downtube Lundi three cavities, is the equivalent of three tubes connected with each other. The box is in this way extremely stiff in torsion but the special design of this tube, allows a slight vertical bending vibration damping. This lateral stiffness is paramount for safety.

Bike not mince words when we remove hands off the handlebars, when started with force or the higher speed, for example. Have three cavities also allows the integration of cables without reducing the strength and rigidity of the frame.

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